11 - Mt Hillyer Trail

The checkpoint is at the 49-mile point of the race, at 6300 ft. The
(left) turn-off from Angeles Crest Highway for Three Points and Hillyer is about a mile above Newcomb's Ranch (Santa Clara Divide Rd.) It takes about 60 minutes from the 210 Freeway to get to the turn-off and then 20 minutes to get to our checkpoint. Four-wheel drive is not required. There is no runner-crew access, and no medical aid station.

We bring a port-a-potty, located in a private area in bushes. We will have pot-luck food around lunch and dinner time; snacks and beverages as needed.

Mosquitoes don't seem to be a problem at this altitude, but flies and yellow jackets are present during the day. No-See-Ums have been noticed in 2006 at Shortcut; bring your Cutters and nets!

We come on the air on voice at about 10:00 AM, and packet by 11:00 AM; off the air and secured around 9:00-10:00 PM; packed and off the hill by 11:00 PM. Runner arrival cutoff time is 8:00 PM, and Chilao cutoff is 9:10PM.

We need volunteers with or without a ham radio license, with accurate watches.