Robar (__________) (1/2 Osage)

M, #34, b. circa 1785
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To-Do* On To-Do list: order to FHC film 975014 Registry of Negroes 1809-1863 and have Richard go thru it to see if any of the names are there. 
Story* Robar's grandson Laphel Rusan wrote a letter and swore to a document. (Both follow). Analyzing it all, this interpretation is made.
     Acan Rusan was the master, therefore he was white. His wife was part Indian, and his fatherinlaw was Robar, whose second wife was Rhach. When Robar died, Acan kept Rhach and her children initially as friends. Robar's son Peter and Acan's sons' started for California (WHY?). The family doctor murdered Peter because he was the only one of Robar's children who understood that their dark skin was because they were part Indian, and therefore free to return to Illinois. Acan had turn them into slaves and they evidently weren't educated enough to know that they weren't, and therefore accepted their fate. Acan had a slave named Paul and Fannie was forced to marry him. It is unknown why the "type setting" document was numbered the way it was, but items 6 through 8 suggest that the purpose was to answer questions posed by someone.
Seattle Washington 1917
     Mr M C Rusan your letter to hand content noted in regards to Laphele Rusan. I am Laphele Rusan. I took my brother Charley Rusan's name. He died some 60 years ago. When I left my master 1862 I changed my name from Laphele Rusan to Charly Mounday.
     Rabor & Rhach had 4 children. Peter (oldest, boy) Hosana (boy) Lonnie (girl) Leosar (youngest, girl). They was born in Koskaskia Ill before 1820 as they left for MO that year.
     Fannie, 5 children (all Rusons). Charley (oldest, died young) Joco (dead) Gust (dead) Mary (living) Laphele (myself). Myself can only swear to my father Paul Rusan statement (spoken of in the type setting sheet) (Explanation of Indian decent of Rusan family).
     All my brothers and sisters was born at Richwoods, Washington Co, MO on Rusan farm. Those address now living Mary Rusan (you know her address) and myself (Laphile Rusan) alias Charley Mounday 5349 Bangor St Seattle Wash.
     Lonnie was an Osage Indian 3/4 blood as her mother was full blood & her father half blood.
     My master's name was Acon Rusan.
     The "type setting sheet" referred to is as follows (with minor spelling corrections).
Explanation of Indian Descent of Rusan Family.
     1. Robar was a half white and half Osage Indian.
     2. Rhach was an Indian of the Osage or Fox, which tribe I do not know.
     3. Acan Rusan's wife was Robar's daughter by a former marriage, the facts I do not know.
     4. Rhach and Robar's children became slaves by the death of Robar, Rhach being uneducated was held by the Acan Rusan, together with her children as friends until 1840, when Peter, together with Rusan's boys started to California. A one, Dr Taylor, family physician to the Rusan family was known to have stated, saying that "the day we started for California, the Rusan estate will be thousands of dollars richer", so while on the plains one day, Peter was taken sick and one dose of medicine from the man Dr Taylor ended Peter's days and at the same time making Rhach and Robar's children slaves for they lived in Missouri at Richwoods and Peter was the eldest and the only one that knew they were half Indian and might return to Illinois. Robar was dark-skinned, being half Indian and half Canadian- French. Rhach was an Indian squaw.
     5. Fannie was compelled by Acan Rusan to marry this man Paul as she and her sisters and brothers had been declared slaves by Rusan. The mother was to darken the race as Paul was a dark man, a Negro slave in the Rusan family. It is a known fact that Acan Rusan and his wife beat Fannie and made her go with this man Paul, as she was as white as anybody but darkened by Indian blood. This is from the lips of Paul and will be sworn to by Paul's youngest son, Laphele Rusan and wife, now living.
     6 & 7. Your grandfather's name was Paul Rusan, colored.
     8. A Negro slave in the Rusan family.
     Note - Paul Rusan, Rusan being the slave master's name, as all slaves went by their master's name.
[This ends one page. The next page starts mid sentence. Nobody knows where the missing page(s) are or what they said].
     to your sister, she has mixed up with the Negros. You know your sister is free and can do as she pleases.
     Rhach was born in Kaskaskia, Illinois in 1795. Moved to Missouri in 1820.
     Fannie was about four years old when her mother and father (Robar and Rhach) moved to Missouri in 1820.
     Fannie was born in 1815. Married in 1831 to Paul, [at] age 16; died in 1842 age 27.
     Peter was the oldest child. born in 1806; he was 43 years old in 1849 when he started to California.
     Paul was 19 years old when married to Fannie, born in 1805, died Sept 13, 1886, age 81 years, at Richwoods, Missouri.
     In 1849 I was seven years old, youngest son of Fannie, I was born July 4, 1842. my mother died at my birth.
     Note - Paul Rusan, Rusan being the slave master's name, as all slaves went by their master's name. 
Marriage* Robar (__________) (1/2 Osage) married (__________) (__________)
Birth*circa 1785 Robar (__________) (1/2 Osage) was born circa 1785 at probably, Kaskaskia, Randolph Co., Illinois. 
Marriage* He married Rhach (__________) (Full Osage)

Family 1

(__________) (__________)

Family 2

Rhach (__________) (Full Osage) b. 1795
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