Arena Ash

F, #11, b. 20 December 1845, d. 3 May 1934
Father*Herrod Ash b. 1799, d. Dec 1849
Mother*Eliza ?Kerner? b. 1805
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Birth*20 December 1845 Arena Ash was born on 20 December 1845 at near Bellefontaine, Logan Co., Ohio; However, daughter Carrie's 1920 census says both parents born Michigan
     In husband's pension she states on 6 Dec 1924 that she was born near Bellefontaine, Logan Co OH 20 Dec 1854. However, later in the pension, with a request for an increase in widow's pension accompanied by statement by daughter Mary it says that Mary is age 63 and that her mother's stated birth date is wrong. (The marriage record shows her age as 21 in 1866, making her born 1845 - thus the 1854 date is a transposition). 
(InHomeOf) Census18501850 She appeared on the 1850 census in the household of Eliza ?Kerner?, pg 165? #160-160, District 87 Perry Twnshp, Logan Co., Ohio. Her info on the census included - M8; Ash, Eliza 45 b.NC mulatto. 
Marriage*19 April 1866 Arena Ash married Turner Byrd, son of Turner Byrd and Airry Ash, on 19 April 1866 at Calvin Twnshp, Cass Co., Michigan; Have marriage record (part of pension). Married by Rev James Couzins, Witn by James Lyggins. 
Death*3 May 1934 Arena Ash died on 3 May 1934 at age 88; Death date from pension drop record. 


Turner Byrd b. 1 May 1844, d. 5 Nov 1924
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