John Albert (or Adam) Gerhausser (Immigrant 1843)

M, #30, b. 18 December 1816, d. 7 December 1890
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Birth*18 December 1816 John Albert (or Adam) Gerhausser (Immigrant 1843) was born on 18 December 1816 at Wertemburg, Germany; Birth place from census. Birth year has a question because in 1880 he's 64 (1816), 1870 age 50 (1820), 1860 age 43 (1817), 1850 age 35 (1815). 1815-1816 seems to be the best date. 
Marriage*before 1842 He married Margaret (__________) (Immigrant) before 1842 at Holland? 
Immigration*1 May 1843 John Albert (or Adam) Gerhausser (Immigrant 1843) immigrated on 1 May 1843 Port of New York passenger list for the ship Howard was sworn to by Captain Tatman on 1 May 1843. J A Gerhauser was 28, a butcher from Bavaria. With him were Margart age 28 from Holland, and Elizabeth 1 from Holland, indicating that the marriage probably took place in Holland.2 
Residence*1846 He lived in 1846 at 58 Clinton, New York City, New York Co., New York; entry reads Gerhauser John A. butcher, 58 Clinton.3 
Residence1848 He lived in 1848 at 238 Rivington, New York City, New York Co., New York; entry reads: Gerhauszer Adam J. butcher, 23 Washington market, h. 238 Rivington.4 
Census1850*1 June 1850 He appeared on the 1850 census as the head of household, pg 477b #606-1582, New York City 17th ward, New York Co., New York, Gerhausser (indexed Gerhansser), John A. 35 butcher b.Germany - There is a Catherine Gerhausser age 26 living w/them. Is this John's sister, also an immigrant? - or is she a sisterinlaw? 
Note  There is a Catherine Gerhausser age 26 living w/them in 1850. Is this John's sister, also an immigrant? 
Note  Is there another child? The Union Cemetery of Methodist Episopal Church South has a tombstone that apparently is hard to read as the transcription has brackets around some of the information: [Amos?] Son of John & Margaret Gerhauszer who died Mar [31], 18[5]4 aged ___ Twas hard. That last phrase could be interpreted to mean that this might have been a child born and died from a hard labor, but that is speculation that would need further research.5 
Census1860*1 June 1860 He appeared on the 1860 census as the head of household, 3rd district, New York City 21st ward, New York Co., New York, Gerhausser, Albert 43 butcher w/$2000 land b.Holland.6 
Census1870*1 June 1870 He appeared on the 1870 census as the head of household, pg 30 #192-195, Alexandria 2nd ward, (Independent City), Virginia, Gerhauser, John 50 b.Wertemburg "Private Night Watch."7 
Note*18 September 1871  On 18 September 1871 at Baltimore, Independent City, Maryland, Johan Gerhauszer signed as a witness on the application for an increase in pension for son-in-law Otto Christl. Though it could have been John Albert's son John Adam who signed the affidavit, it seems more likely that the father would have been signing with the German spelling of Johan. This is an original signature, not a clerk's copy.8 
Residence1873 He lived in 1873 at William and Fort Ave, Baltimore, Independent City, Maryland; entry reads: Gerhauser John, butcher, William and Fort av.9 
Residence1875 He lived in 1875 at William and Fort Ave, Baltimore, Independent City, Maryland; entry reads: Gerhauser John, butcher, William and Fort av.10 
Residencebetween 1875 and 1876 He lived between 1875 and 1876; 1875/76 Baltimore city directory (Evd 31.) 
(InHomeOf) Census188011 June 1880 He appeared on the 1880 census in the household of Samuel Henry, ED 3 pg 40 #339-375 Columbus St, Alexandria, (Independent City), Virginia. His info on the census included - Gerheiser, John 64 b.Wurttemberg parents b.Wurttemberg. 
Residence1888 John Albert (or Adam) Gerhausser (Immigrant 1843) lived in 1888 at 1735 8th NW, Washington, DC; entry reads: Gerhauser John, 1735 8th nw.11 
Naturalization*7 September 1888 He was naturalized on 7 September 1888 at New York Co., New York; Speculation: This may or may not be son George M Gerhausser. The card is for a Michael Gerhauser, who was naturalized 7 Sep 1888, bundle # 630 record 153. The address was 876 - 11th Ave New York City, He was a butcher born 6 Oct 1854, and arrived 23 Jul 1871. The witness was Charles Young of 964 - 10th Ave who was a Baker. Compare with son George's birthdate the same year, though Feb 27th, plus he was a butcher as was John. However, unless John Albert went back to Germany, it seems unlikely to be son George. Another scenario is that this Michael is a nephew. The rareness of the name and the same occupation makes it seem likely there is some relation.12 
Death*7 December 1890 He died on 7 December 1890 at Alexandria, (Independent City), Virginia, at age 73; Gerhauser, Jno. Adam, W, M, 7 Dec 1890, Alexa., complication disease, 73y, --, Germany, butcher, widower, Sam. Henry, son-in-law.13 
Burial He was buried at Union Cemetery, Alexandria, (Independent City), Virginia; Union Cemetery of the Methodist Episcopal Church South

Union Cemetery of the Methodist Episcopal Church South - footstone only, Jane has photos of the grave site as well as the stones. At the top left of the site are 4 footstones, 1/2 circles with Mother Father written on top of all four. On the front face of their stones are these initials from left to right. MCG, JAG, MGC, OC. At the extreme right of these stones is one quite tall stone for Anna Elizabeth Gerhausser who died young and her younger brother John Adam Gerhausser with a smaller stone. Over on the left and in front of the foot stones are two much newer grey granite stone with Jennie Henry and her husband Samuel Henry. Jennie is the one who in 1898, made an exquisite lace handkerchief that has been carried by all the brides in our family.
Obituary His obituary was The book seems to be an index of obituaries. The entry reads: John A Gerhauser 7 Dec 1890: 31 Dec 1890 p1 - assumption is that the p1 refers to the page number of the obit. Look up original obit.14 


Margaret (__________) (Immigrant) b. 1815, d. 27 Aug 1876
Marriage*before 1842 He married Margaret (__________) (Immigrant) before 1842 at Holland? 
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