Nevins/Nivens/Niven of TN, VA and the Carolinas

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This is group of Nevins/Nivens/Niven who appeared in Tennessee about 1800 and appear to have come from Virginia and/or the Carolinas. I don't attribute much significance to the spelling of the last name in this era as nobody paid much attention to correct spelling before dictionaries were widely available to establish a generally recognized standard (the first English language dictionary, by Samuel Johnson, was published in London in 1755). Hence, it seems likely that these Tennessee Nevins/Nivens/Niven are related. In an effort to facilitate establishing their relationships I've taken the liberty of changing ALL of the last names to Nevins (despite how it was spelled in my source). It's still a bit of a jumble. I want to particularly thank Sheila Stephens for generously sharing much of her genealogy data.

It is clear that if this branch is related to our Samuel, the connection is back in Ireland. However, the data base is very useful for eliminating unrelated Nevins and as a reference for other Nevins researchers. - William Nevins

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