Professional genealogist Arlene Eakle has been working on the earliest generations of Rippetoes in this country for several years now. Most of what she has been finding does not lend itself to easy written reports, as it is mostly verbal with backup documents. However, at our urging, she wrote up some notes (as of 15 Oct 2002) so that you could see some of what she's been working on. The notes are not in any particular order, and some of it is old ground, but at least you can see that she has been continuing the research. Also, the notes are not all-inclusive, just a tip of the iceburg, and are in no particular order.

Counties researched: Using both records on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and personally visiting each county to search archives and libraries there.

Virginia Albemarle
Missouri Boone
Kentucky Clark

Visit to Piney Mountain in Albemarle County Virginia (on the Louisa County line). Small community named Advance Mills is now a ghost community. Not much there now, an old general store at the crossroads. Going south from there, a very large house built 1819. Behind this house on the next rise south, is an enourmous house, pre-Revolutionary War, facing north. Possibly house of John Rippeto. (A deed says "house in a hollow on Piney Mt," the big house is "in a hollow on Piney Mt" on a slight rise). East of Advance Mills, Spring Hill Baptist Church. Built before 1850 on site of an earlier church building. Across the street to the south, a cemetery on the side of the hill. No Rippeto stones in cemetery.

Library of Virginia, Richmond VA, Card Indexes
Land Office cards

Crossthwait, Timothy 24 Oct 1752 Augusta County 400 acres on the branches of Cub Run Patents #31, 1751-56, pg 233
Crosswait, William 12 Feb 1743 Orange County 400 acres in the fork of James River Patents #21, pg 152
Crosthwait, Timothy 12 Nov 1753 Augusta County 400 acres on a branch of Sharando called the Elk Run Patents #32, 1752-56, pg 281
Crosthwait, William 25 May 1734 Spotsylvania County 400 acres Beginning and extending corner to James dyer on the north side the Rappadan river. thence and extending corner to Darby Queen by the mouth of a brand on the Rappahannock River Patents #15, pg 207
Rippeto, John 16 Mar 1771 Albermarle County 83 acres on the side of the Piney Mt on the waters of the Marsh Run of the Rivanna River Patents #39, 1770-71, pg 449
Rippeto, John 20 Sep 1768 Louisa County 120 acres on the Piney Mt and near the plantation of William Coursey Patents #38, pg 474
Rippetoe, James 30 Sep 1842 Nicholas County 15 1/2 acres on Otter Creek Grants #93, pg 312
Rippetoe, William 27 Jul 1796 Botetourt County 430 acres on the waters of the south fork of Little River adjoining the land of Abraham Hosier Grants #34, 1796, pg 469

Library of Virginia, Richmond VA, Card Indexes
Public Service Claims Cards

Crosswait, Jacob Orange County CT Booklet pg 6,7 Certificates 1 Lists pg 4, 16, 21 Commissioners Book IV pg 174, 181
Crosswhite, Isaac Albemarle County CT Booklet pg 13
Crosthwait NIL  
Rippeto NIL  

Library of Virginia, Richmond VA, Card Indexes
Bounty Warrants Cards
Rippeto, William Serjeant Army
Cert - Abram Maury, late Lieut.
Cert (2) - Beverly Stubblefield
See papers 1795
Memo - W. Rippito
Voucher 1795

Library of Virginia, Richmond VA, Card Indexes
Rejected Claims - Crossthwaite, Rippetoe, Stone, all NIL

Library of Virginia, Richmond VA, Card Indexes
Land Office Military Certificates
Crossthwaite - NIL
Rippetoe, William Sgt CL LO 4653 Box 159, 6 one item
Stone, William Pvt VL LO 2016 Box 180, 18 one item

Library of Virginia, Richmond VA, Card Indexes
Calendar of State Papers Vol.1 pg.263, Dec 1769 John Ripito (and others) petition for 10,000 acres on the lower side of the Little Guyandot &c (land in the newly acquired Indian Territory).
23587a Plat, 1786 one item, photostat
This plat was prepared for a company formed by Barnard and Michael Gratz, Levi Hollingsworth, Dorsey Pentecost, Charles Willing, and James Wilson. The tract included 321,000 acres near a tract owned by george Washington in the counties of Fayette and Montgomery, including lands on the waters of the "Guandotte, Little and Big Sandy Rivers." The land is subdivided into 1,000 acre tracts, and the plat includes an extensive description with comments on suitablility for various types of agriculture. The survey was made January 11, 1785, and transcribed in Philadelphia in 1786 by "I. Hills."
The company may have been a successor of the Illinois and Wabash Company, which included Robert Morris among its partners. for additional information, consult Thomas Perkins Abernethy, Western Lands and the American Revolution (New York: Russell & Russell, Inc., 1959), and William Vincent Byars, B. and M. Gratz, Merchants in Philadelphia, 1754-1798 (Jefferson City, Mo.: The Hugh Stephens Printing Co., 1916).
Original is in the collections of the American Jewish Historical society, New York, New York. RESTRICTED.

Ward, Roger G., 1815 Directory of Virginia Land Owners and Gazeteers 3 volumes 1997, Iberian Publishing Company, Athens GA. Based on 1815 Land Tax Lists - microfilm reel numbers are given for each county, including compass reading from the courthouse so owners can be located precisely. All below in Albemarle County except last entry. This does not include Northern Neck.

Rippeto, John Piney Mt 16NE
Stone, Henry Piney Mt 16NE
Stone, James Piney Mt 17NE
Stone, Thomas & Henry Piney Mt 16NE
Stone, Thomas & Henry Piney Mt 16NE
Stone, Isaiah Back Island Creek 13SE
Ripiton, Peter Nelson Co (no data)  

Albemarle County Deeds
1762 John (note mark 1) to wife Mary, witness, St Ann's Parish, South Garden
1765 John (note mark 2) witness for Abraham Allan, Schoolhouse Spring Branch
1770 John buys 500 acres on Payne Mountain, Col. Jacob Watts from John Dickinson
1770 William & wife Ruth sell to Wm Hall 200 acres on N east side Piney Mt - TORN DEED
1772 William buys 200 acres on Piney Mountain from Jacob Watts, n side, e side on Rippin's line
1774 John corner to Jno Crossthaite, Issac Allen
1774 John (note mark 3) & William witnesses for Jno Wm Crossthwaite, John is corner to Isaac Allen
1776 John (note mark 4) sells 73 acres on top of Piney Mountain to dau Elizabeth & husband Isaac Crossthwaite
1777 John (note mark 4) & wife Eliz sell 100 acres on sp___ of Piney Mt to Eliz & Isaac Crossthwaite
1778 William & wife Ruth sell 200 acres on N east side Piney Mt to Wm Hawl (Hall)
1779 John Jr corner @ foot of Piney Mt
1779 John corner on Marsh Run & Ripin's Line - deed of Ambrose Powell
1779 John (note mark 4) sells 100 acres @ foot of Piney Mt to John Elliott
1789 John (note mark 4) and wife Mary sell 100 acres of land on Piney Mt nr Wm Hall's plantation to Isaac Crossthwaite
1789 John (note mark 4) sells to John Jr adj Thomas Stone 85 acres "goodwill I bear my son John" (witness Isaac Crossthwait)
1829 Mary orphan of Peter guardian Ephraim Bowen

mark representations as best as possible in text format
first mark |-|-|
second mark like a vertical version of the first mark
third mark is +
fourth mark is X

Albemarle County Marriages
William Rippito to Jane Davis 25 Mar 1823/23 William Rippetoe to Judith H Phillips
10 Aug 1820 (witness Ira Garrett) William Rippetoe to Rachel Stone 20 Dec 1823
(witness Ira Garrett, James Stone, she is dau of Henry Stone)

Amherst County Deeds
1823 William to daughter Susan for love
1825 David account for support of family of David Decd Bk R
1831 Wm B buys 267 1/2 acres from Lyne S Taliaferro
1821 William B trustee of Meth. Episcopal Church on Indian Creek
1835 William adj lines to Wm Smith

Amherst will of Sarah Henry mentions land sale to Peter Rippeto - probate 1785

Amherst County Marriage
James Rippeto, son of Peter married Nancy Brown, daughter of John 15 Nov 1790

Rippeto Census Summary - Virginia
1810 1820 Comments
John (7)
      tax roll 1785
John Jr (8)
John Jr
Albemarle (26-45)
John [Jr]
  tax roll 1785
Peter (10)
Amherst 1 (16-21)
Nelson (45+)
  tax roll 1785
sons of Peter 1787 James, William at least 16021 prob age 21
  Albemarle 1 (1621)
John Sr
    Nelson (45+)
    Nelson (26-45)
    Albemarle (26-45)
Thomas B
243 1/2 p.15
247 p.13
247 p.13
    Albemarle (26-45)
Anna Repperts
  p. 207
    Albemarle (26-45)
John Repperts
  p. 207
      James, Mary, Peter, Thomas I AIS index lists Chesterfield for these four names, and 1820 census for VA (Feldin) lists them in Albemarle

[end report]