Thomas Huston Wright

M, #14867, b. 1776, d. 12 October 1859
ChartsThompson (paternal side) - Robert Almer Thompson
To-Do* To-Do list for Thomas Huston Wright Leads for ancestry
York District, SC: 1810 census: Wright, Chambers, Garrison, and Houston/Huston families. Thanks, Tee A. Corinne

p. 258 Thomas Wright
267 Thomas Wright
262 Roderick Wright
263 Wm. Wright, Sr.
263 Geo. Wright
270 Henry Wright
274 Samuel Wright
274 Samuel Wright--second entry
276 William Wright, Jr.
277 William Wright, Sr.

p. 257 Ben. Chambers
265 Martha Chambers
266 Wm. Chambers

p. 260 Josina Garrison
260 Arthur Garrison
261 James Garrison, Jr.
262 James Garrison, Sr.
275 Isaac Garrison
276 Elias Garrison
276 Benjamin Garrison
276 Anne Garrison

258 Wm. Houston 
Birth*1776 He was born in 1776 at South Carolina; age 83 when died - Ancestry World Tree has father's name of James but no notes or other verification. 
Marriage* He married Susannah (_Garrison?_).1 
Census1810*1810 Thomas Huston Wright was the head of the household in the 1810 census, pg 25 bottom half, York Co., South Carolina, with 2m0-10 (Jacob age 6 & Wm age 0*)
1m26-45 (Thomas age 34)
1f26-45 (Susannah so b.1765-1784)
* Hmm, when was this census taken? It was supposed to be the 1st Monday in Aug for this year. If Wm wasn't born until Oct, who is this other male child? Or is William's birth wrong?. 
Census1820*1820 He was the head of the household in the 1820 census, York Co., South Carolina, with 1m0-10 (Thomas Jr age 3)
1m10-16 (Wm age 10)
1m18-26 (Jacob but he's 16)
1m45+ (Thomas)
1f10-16 (Margaret actually age 7)
1f16-26 (an older girl?)
1f45+ (Susannah)
but where is Mary Ann who would be 0-10?. 
Negative*between 1824 and 1832 Negative Research: Tazewell Deed record Books 1-2 1824-1832 not in indexes. 
Census1830*1830 He was the head of the household in the 1830 census, Tazewell Co. (now McLean Co.), Illinois, with 2m10-15 (James & Thomas age 13)
2m15-20 (William age 20 & Jacob s/b age 26)
1m50-60 (Thomas)
1f5-10 (Jane)
2f15-20 (Mary Ann & Margaret age 17)
1f40-50 (Susannah s/b 50-60). 
Event-Misc*25 April 1844 He had the following event: on 25 April 1844 at McLean Co., Illinois, What relation is she? It's not Jane because she's married to someone else. Susanna Jane Wright married George Bishop bk B pg 79 (license 22 Apr 1844.) 
(InHomeOf) Census18501850 He appeared on the 1850 census in the household of George Madison Hensley, Randolph Grove, McLean Co., Illinois. His info on the census included - Hensley, (s/b Wright), Thos 74 b.SC $1200. 
Death*12 October 1859 Thomas Huston Wright died on 12 October 1859 at DeWitt Co., Illinois; 1860 IL mortality schedule:
Wright, Thomas DeWitt Co. IL age 83, male, died in October of Typhoind Fever, farmer, born SC. Exact date from Deanna's email.1 


Susannah (_Garrison?_) b. bt 1765 - 1784, d. c 1838
Marriage* He married Susannah (_Garrison?_).1 
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  2. [S190] per Ancestral File so needs independent verification.