Thomas Daggett

M, #13769, b. 1630, d. August 1692
Father*John Daggett1 b. 4 Oct 1602, d. 4 Jul 1673
Mother*Hepzibah Brotherton1 b. 1604, d. bt 1660 - 1667
ChartsBentley (maternal side) - Phoebe Meredith Frey
Note*  . THOMAS2 DAGGETT, (John1), born ca. 1630, residence, Edgartown,gentleman. He married HANNAH MAYHEW the favorite daughter of GovernorMayhew about 1657, who was born 15 June 1635 at Medford, Mass. Henceforthhis position was assured and throughout his life, he was an official ofone sort or another in the Mayhew government until his death. He wasClerk of Courts and later Justice of the County Courts besides holdinglocal offices in the shire town. He died between 13 April and 15 Sept.1691, leaving no will, and his widow married (2) SAMUEL SMITH. THOMAS,3 b. (1658) SAMUEL, b. (1660); res. Edgartown; d. 26 Feb.1717­18 'of thedistemper' (Homes); no issue JOHN, b. (1662) JOSHUA, b. 1664 JEMIMA, b. (1666); m. THOMAS BUTLER 27 Nov. 1682 MARY, b. (1668); m. JEREMIAH HOWE of Yarmouth, Mass. abt. 1693 PATIENCE, b. 1670; m. SAMUEL ANNABLE of Barnstable, 11 Apr. 1695 MARTHA, b. 1672; m. JOHN CRANE of Killingworth, Conn. 25 May 1695 ISRAEL, b. (1694) RUTH, b. (1676); m. NATHANIEL BACON of Barnstable, 11 Nov. 1696.1 
Birth*1630 Thomas Daggett was born in 1630 at Watertown, Massachusetts.1 
Marriage*1657 He married Hannah Mayhew, daughter of Thomas Mayhew and Jane Gallion, in 1657.1 
Death*August 1692 Thomas Daggett died in August 1692 at Edgartown, Martha'S Vineyard, Massachusetts.1 


Hannah Mayhew b. 15 Jun 1635, d. Feb 1723
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