James Snook

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ChartsPedigree - John's mother Alice Roberta Marie Snook
Reference6G Grf, W192
(Witness) Source Source: (an unknown value.)1 
Marriage* James Snook married (__________) (__________)


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  1. [S240] Snook descendant chart by unknown person, that has no sources, so it's a starting point only. Chart says that Henry Snook (1796-1871) married a Rebecca, but using Family Bible info instead.
         In addition, this info from Ann Snook:
    Henry's first wife Was Rebecca, died before July 1840 - probably Henry's mother, no maiden name
    Henry's second wife was Mary. Mary died 9/16/1847, age 47, no maiden name.
    Henry's third wife was Mary. Mary was on Henry's death certificate. 1871 census lists Mary, age 60, as widow. Mary died 11/19/1875. No maiden name.
         Need to take another look at Bible to know if there is any validity to these marriages.