(__________) (__________)

M, #4, d. circa 1925
ChartsPedigree of Dexter Williams
Candidate* In trying to find out the name of (__________) (__________), there are the following candidates - Robert Darben and Robert Winder: As of Feb 2015, there are no DNA matches to help identify the father of Anthony, so we are looking for likely candidates. Looked at the 1920, 1923, and 1924/5 city directories because according to Anthony's birth certificate, Pauline lived at 3 Woodland Ave Montclair, when Anthony was born at Mountainside Hospital in Glen Ridge (1mile away NE) 2 Oct 1923.
     However, at 3 Woodland Ave in both the 1923 and 1924/5 directories, there are only two men listed.
Robert Darben h chauffeur
Robert Winder h laborer
     None of the 3 directories have Pauline Williams or her father David in either Montclair or Glenridge.
     Since 19 year old Pauline is living at the same address at the time, either of these men could be the candidate for fathering Anthony. 
Birth* (__________) (__________) was born. 
Liaison*say 1923 He and Pauline Williams had a liaison unmarried say 1923.1,2 
Death*circa 1925 (__________) (__________) died circa 1925.1 


Pauline Williams b. 1904, d. c 1953
Last Edited11 Mar 2015


  1. [S1] Notes provided by Dexter Anthony Williams.
  2. [S34] Birth Certificate of Anthony McKinley Williams file #0072911, the birth was out of wedlock.