Bernabe Arredondo1

M, #212, b. 11 June 1904, d. February 1971
Father*Seferino Arredondo1,2 b. 1867, d. 1956
Mother*Josefa Robledo1,2 b. 19 Jun 1886, d. 29 Jan 1950
Birth*11 June 1904 Bernabe Arredondo was born on 11 June 1904 at Kingston, Sierra Co., New Mexico, birth place doesn't make sense because he didn't immigrate until 1914. This needs to be checked out further.1,3 
(Witness) Immigration1914 He immigrated with Seferino Arredondo in 1914 from Mexico.1 
(InHomeOf) Census19301930 Bernabe Arredondo appeared on the 1930 census in the household of Seferino Arredondo, ED 1218 pg.26 #311-334 1061 Sunset Ave, Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., California. His info on the census included - Arredondo, Bernabe 26 b.Mex, immigrated 1914, alien, laborer in nursery.1 
Marriage*27 June 1942 Bernabe Arredondo married Porfiria Marquez on 27 June 1942 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., California.2 
Death*February 1971 Bernabe Arredondo died in February 1971 at Los Angeles Co., California, at age 66.3 


Porfiria Marquez b. 1907
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